Sedation Dentistry

Sedation DentistryGoing to the dentist is not easy for everyone. People often suffer from anxiety and stress when they think about having a certain dental procedure done. This anxiety can keep patients from going to the dentist, which can lead to many dental issues and health complications.

We understand how difficult anxiety can be, which is why we work to put our patients at ease however we can. A nice atmosphere may not be enough to quell your fears.  At our practice, we offer sedation dentistry to help relax those who are apprehensive about dental treatments.

Sedation Dentistry Options

We will go through each of your options with you. After a careful evaluation, we may be able to administer one of these forms of sedation:

  • Oral Conscious Sedation: This easy and effective sedation treatment is administered in pill form. It is a popular form of sedation because of its simplicity. Oral conscious sedation allows you to feel relaxed and calm, but you will still be able to interact with the staff and dentist. This form of sedation can take awhile to wear off. If you choose oral conscious sedation, it is important to arrange for a ride home after your appointment.
  • Laughing Gas: Laughing gas is the most widely used sedation dentistry treatment. It is one of the most preferred types of sedation because it gives a calm and relaxing feeling during your dental treatment without any side effects. Laughing gas is very effective and safe, and it wears off quickly enough that you can drive yourself to and from the office.
  • IV Sedation: IV sedation is administered intravenously. It is an ideal treatment for patients with severe anxiety. IV sedation allows you to stay awake while being completely relaxed and at peace. This also helps Dr. Drew because he will be able to ask questions; you will be able to respond, but you won’t feel any anxiety. Just as with oral conscious sedation, you will need to arrange for a ride home after your procedure.

Having a way to deal with anxiety and nervousness will help you receive the dental care you need. We are glad to accommodate you with sedation dentistry to help you have a relaxing and safe visit to our office.

Let Us Soothe Your Dental Anxiety!

Don’t wait any longer to put that much needed procedure off! Tell us about your anxiety, so we can help you get the treatment you need along with peace of mind. Call our office today to set up your appointment!