Dr. Drew is the best!! I have bad teeth and have been to a LOT of different dentists, and he is the best one I’ve ever one to! He is extremely efficient and you can tell he cares about you as a patient and wants the best for your teeth! His staff was extremely kind and I always felt well cared for. I would recommend him to anyone! The best!!

– Emily

Drew Dental is the best dental practice I have been to. Everyone is friendly and cheery, I have never had a bad experience. With a busy schedule, their flexible schedule makes it easy to keep appointments. They are fast and efficient which allows them to see you at the time you scheduled with them. Going to the dentist is like going and seeing friends.

– Randall

In my 78 years, I have never enjoyed going to the dentist more than I do when I visit the Drew Family Dentistry. Who looks forward to going to the dentist??? I do! In fact, most of my family does also! The warm and casual, but very professional, atmosphere that prevails is the high point of every visit. The dental staff and their very efficient administration office make for the “go to” dental destination in the Valley of the Sun. I am truly blessed to get my 77 year old teeth ( I had my first tooth when I was 1 year old) taken care of there. Congratulations to Dr Drew and Staff for their great dental office! Dave Holman and Family P. S. If my insurance would cover it, I’d go there more often!

– Dave

I had what you might call a “gum-y” smile. Lots of gums, tiny teeth. I went to Dr. Drew to see if he could help me out. He used a laser to reduce my gums and expose more of my teeth. It was quick, painless, and I love the results! My gums are contoured perfectly, and I love my new smile. Everyone in the office was kind and professional, and helped me feel very comfortable through the entire procedure. I’d recommend this dental office to anyone!

– Kelli

What I LOVE about Drew Family Dentistry is that it’s so welcoming from the moment you walk in the door. Everyone is so friendly, positive, and upbeat. The staff & Dr. Drew all seem like a family and you can tell they really love what they do. Going to Dr. Drew’s office isn’t like going to the scary dentist for us anxiety ridden individuals, it’s like you are going to hang with your friends at some really cool high tech place where you get to watch movies and visit with some really cool people. Dr. Drew is very kind and takes time to make sure all of your questions are answered and he makes you feel very comfortable…bonus that he has a sense of humor too!! All of the people I’ve referred had nothing but glowing recommendations. Who knew that going to the Dentist could actually be fun!!

– Julie

Dr. Drew has improved my smile greatly with the invisalign treatment and his expert tweaking along the way. He is a true architect and loves his work as well.The bonus to Dr. Drew’s work is his staff; Dee is a tooth techie that really know her stuff, Trish is a financial wizard that doesn’t let up on the tough insurance co’s and Cristina is a pure delight as well as a scheduling dinamo. Gina is the hygienist who is new to me but I do like her style very much. I couldn’t ask for a better dentist and team. Also a special thanks to Trish for her generosity with a certain ‘glitch’, many thanks are overdue. Sincerely

– Maureen

Just wanted to drop you a note to say thanks for all your help and kindness with my caps. It was a painless procedure and much better than my Navy experiences!!! Also thank Dee for me. y’all took excellent care of a nervous patient. Now instead of seeing my picture in the Post Office I will probably be on the cover of a dental journal :).

– Sam

The past two years have challenged me with numerous serious health issues so you can imagine my apprehension when it was necessary to replace my lower teeth with a denture. However, I can say with absolute honesty that the experience of dental mini-implants has been virtually painless. I have a very low pain tolerance so having experienced the implant procedure with virtually no pain was a welcome surprise.

Prior to getting the denture stabilizing implants, I had little success eating anything of substance. The denture would not stay in place no matter how much adhesive I applied. I no longer enjoyed food and dreaded mealtimes. You placed the mini-implants and that night I was eating my first “normal” meal in three months. The day following the implant procedure, there was no soreness, swelling or other adverse effects which matched my experience the previous day.

You, your staff, and the mini-implants have improved the quality of my life tremendously. To be able to enjoy meals without limitations is incredible! I cannot thank you enough for your skill, expertise and your knowledge of implants. I am delighted with the outcome!

– Steve

I love just about everything about this practice, starting with Dr. Drew.

I feel that the tone of the practice is set by the Dentist…and Dr. Drew is wonderful.  The staff is upbeat, knowledgeable and, most important, KNOWS ME!!!

I will never forget the time and concern Dr. Drew and his staff showed when I had a TMJ issue.  I actually thought I was going crazy…but Dr. Drew assured me that I wasn’t and that what I had was fixable.  I will never forget the relief I felt (physically and mentally) when he put that temporary mouthpiece in and I felt immediately relief.  And his concern and follow-up assured me that I was truly important to him.

I feel so fortunate to have had Dr. Drew come to this practice.  He has a compassionate chair-side manner and conveys confidence in his knowledge and that of his staff.  I also love all the staff – front to back.  It is evident that they love to work there.

Thank you for this feedback opportunity.


– Melanie

Dr. Drew,

I just wanted to say that you and your staff have made my time in the dental chair a pleasurable experience; and I could have never imagined that. My extreme sensitivity makes going to the dentist so challenging; however, you and your staff have always gone far above and beyond to make me comfortable that I can never thank you enough. You must be a terrific role model as an employer; because as I have found out, the staff in most places mimic their leader…so bravo!!! The staff in your office are always so friendly, courteous and helpful to every person who walks through that door. You should be very proud. I am so happy that I found your practice and thank my lucky stars that you are in my life when I need dental work and of course my cleanings! Keep up the good work!

All the best and thank you for everything you have done for me.

– Maryann

I meet Dr Drew several years ago just after he finished school, he was working in a dental office basically across the street from my house, I never had such a more caring dentist in all my years.  He was there for a short time and moved on, I tracked him down on the American Dental Association web site in Chandler, as I wanted to continue treatment with Dr. Drew. So to date I have followed him to 5 different offices, I now travel 25 miles one way to the office, I love Dr. Drew and his Staff as they always treat me as family, very friendly, caring and an all around excellent experience. I recommend Dr. Drew and his Staff to everyone you will be very pleased.

I sent my son who is 33 yrs. old to Dr. Drew as he needed some major dental work done, I knew he would be happy with Dr. Drew and I trusted his opinion, my son now has a “fantastic smile” again.

Thank you Dr. Drew and Staff for making us a part of your family!

– Jeanne

When I saw Dr. Drew for the first time I was terrified.  I had not been to a dentist in many years because I had a very bad experience previously.  Dr. Drew put me immediately at ease and even understood how hard it was for me to make and keep that appointment with him.  I am so glad that I did!!  Dr. Drew and his staff have always been kind to me. Dr. Drew listened to what I needed and developed a treatment plan to take care of my dental problems and give me a wonderful smile!

– Janet

My wife Kathleen and I have enjoyed the exceptional dental services from the Drew Family for years, always looking forward to our regular cleaning appointments. When talking to friends and family about the trials of taking care of our teeth, we love to share that we have the best dentist and team.  The state of the art dental care and service we receive is above reproach.  This history of quality of service and support from all the staff is a testament to their honest professional integrity.  Kathleen and I appreciate, and look forward, to our continued patient involvement for many more years to come.

– Robert

Dr. Drew has improved my smile greatly with the invisiline treatment and his expert tweaking along the way. He is a true architect and loves doing his work as well. The bonus to Dr. Drew’s work is the staff; Dee is a tooth techie that really knows her stuff; Trish is a financial wizard that doesn’t let up on the tough insurance companies and Cristina is a pure delight as well as a scheduling dinamo. Gina is the dental hygienist who is knew to me but I do like her style very much.

I couldn’t ask for a better dentist and team. Also, a special thanks to Trish for her generosity with a certain ‘glitch’. many thanks are overdue


– Maureen

PS. I cant  get on outlook. I needed help to figure out just to email the gmail account-I panic easy.

I’ve been coming to this practice even before it was Drew Family Denistry. Love the new location and the new office, but most of all I love all the same familiar faces. Everyone knows my name… Wait, isn’t that a line from “Cheers?!” Still, it’s awesome to know my mouth is in good hands. I also love the comfortable, unrushed feeling. I can even watch my favorite DVD while I’m in the chair. A good experience every time.

– Marie

Hi Dr Drew,

I love your dental practice for so many reasons. First and foremost, I have never liked going to the dentist, but in your office I don’t mind coming because I feel like I am in competent and caring hands. Secondly, I love all of the people that work there. I have always felt welcome and at home. No dental office could ever compare to yours; I drive 35 miles out of my way just for you!

Thanks for all you do for your patients!!

– Kelly

Hi Drew Dental Team,

I know this was supposed to be in by last week but I wanted to send my 2 cents worth.

I love coming to your office….everyone is so welcoming, kind and warm.

Dr. Drew is competent, professional and honestly assesses my dental needs and recommends needed work in order of priority while never pressuring me to have work done that I don’t feel ready financially to accommodate.

Thank you all for your upbeat attitudes.

Keep up the good work!!!!

– Suzette

I spent 38 yrs at the last company I worked for & enjoyed going to work every day,not only because the job was challenging but I always felt like I was part of a huge family. The owners cared about the people who worked there and they did not only talk the talk but walked the walk. That goes on after three generations of family ownership.My observations tell me that this denistry feels the same way about their employees and customers. Now recognizing that many people dont necessarily look forward to going to the dentist, your staff/team mitigates the negative aspect (getting a tooth extracted) by conveying a sincere & cheerful greeting upon entry and exit. It covers the entire team from administrative to those assisting in the procedure as well as the dentist. That has been my experience dating back to Dr Taylor,Smith and Drew and their teams thru the decades. You all make us feel like part of the family. Sometimes the financial aspects can be equally painful but you always have options or alternative solutions to lessen the financial pain. Now I didnt intend this to be an epistle so I’ll bring it to a close Happy 4Th

– Frank

We have been Dr Drew’s patients for many years, I think since he began his practice. We drive 15 miles each way to visit the dentist because we trust and respect Dr. Drew and his staff. We like that the doctor and everyone there are friendly, and that they remember our family. Dr Drew always greets me with a smile and pleasant conversation. His diagnoses are conservative and our options are always explained. I have recommended Dr Drew to others who were looking for a new dentist.


– Rebecca

During a winter snowbird retreat, my husband’s chipped tooth needed repair and we were referred to Dr. Drew. When he returned home, he said “you’ll love this doctor”.

After becoming Arizona residents and beginning the transition of “everything new” we chose Dr. Drew for our dentist based on that experience.

Arriving at the office for the first time not only felt like I had been a patient for a long time but I was coming to visit my friends. Dr. Drew, the office staff and dental techs are very welcoming and friendly ~ every time.

So glad we’re confident in your dental work and that we have new friends.

Happy in Arizona!

– Laura

Dr. Drew and his staff have created such a welcoming environment in their new office. It’s like visiting family a couple of times a year. Even our children like to go in for their twice a year cleanings! I was amazed when my little 3 year old, Adie, sat through a complete cleaning and check up with Dr. Drew. We visit and laugh and it’s a much better time then you would expect for a teeth cleaning!

Thanks Dr. Drew, for putting together a great team!

– Kelli

Dear Dr. Drew,

Thanks for your professional help with my smile. Your office always treats me as a friend and seems genuinely  interested in not only me but my dental health. You personally have been very helpful, generous, kind, and professionally capable. You have gone out of your way to meet my schedule and needs. You quickly and efficiently care for all my dental requirements.

Thank you very much.

– Carma

I’ve been going to Dr Drew’s office for about 5 years and my
experience has been truly amazing! I actually look forward to my

Taking into consideration the amount of dental work I’ve had in my
lifetime (more than anyone needs to know), you’d think I’d have
 developed a fear of dentists, but Dr Drew and his friendly staff make
it such an enjoyable experience.  From the minute I walk in, I’m
greeted with a smile. They make me feel like I’m more than just
another patient.

The hygienists are gentle and always give great feedback. Dr Drew is
amazing and always explains what needs to be done step by step. Last,
but certainly not least, is Trish, a truly friendly person.  She
thoroughly explains my bill and options for future work that might be
needed.  A truly great experience through and through.  I’ve
recommended Dr Drew’s office to several friends and family, and will
continue to do so.

– Yolanda

Smiling faces, great communication and follow-up, giving back to the community, and making the teeth in my mouth stay there!!! Can’t get much better in a dentist, patent relationship.

– Abe